The Joy Of Eating

University life demands that I shuffle between two different dining halls. Both are near my house and both offer similarly amazing food. The food isn’t from a five star restaurant, but it is put together quite well. Everyday I have been pleased with the variety of foods to choose from and the choices I have made of my options.  I really enjoy the food and although I am slowly becoming spoiled and not appreciating the splendor of the food at BU, I can still remember the excitement that filled my belly as I fell asleep on my first night in Boston anticipating the coming morning when the meal plan would kick in and I would be feed for life.

Whenever I enter a dinning hall I feel obligated to eat as much food as I can as to get my “money’s worth”. This is leading to a weight gaining phenomena, which I can only explain in extra serving and pouring ice cream into my root beer. Not a healthy practice, but as long as I revel in the opportunity to have all these amazing foods at my disposal I am compelled to garnish every one of my meals to the limit of excess.

Bu has a sandwich station witch is much better than any Subway I have ever been too. Bu also has a bakery which serves up some of the sugariest cookies in the Commonwealth. The Bu Pizza oven is huge. The staff produces all sorts of pizzas within one hour. I can find chicken,salami, or mushroom pizza all on display for the students to enjoy. The dining hall also has a pasta bar which features a host of workers fixing elegant pasta.

BU’s food services are amazing and I am excited to see what kinds of wonderful foods will come in the future.

making pizza

making pizza

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  1. Haha those days before the meal plan kicked in was horrible. I wanted to cut myself and then eat it. How did you manage to get such good pictures of the dining hall?

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