It Is Another Realm

Recently I found myself spending three to four hours a day in the library studying for my mid-term exams. On the first floor of the library there were, as can be expected of a normal library, many computers and students. The students were clicking and slashing away at their keywords creating a noxious buzzing. The first floor of the library seemed to me like your average workspace. Since the first floor was infested with the humming of computing brains I went to the second floor to study. The first night in the library was a success. However, having wireless Internet provided an easy distraction from my pressing need to study. I tottered between reading about Ephedra on the internet (not school related) and doing my Evolution  studies.

With one night of successful library study completed I assumed that the next night’s study would be a similarly mundane exercise. On the second night I entered the library at six and began to study on the second floor. While I was “deep” in thought I heard music coming from the room across from my seat me. It was a girl singing with a piano in the “music library” section of the library. I enjoyed the music because it reminded me of Regina Spektor and RENT amalgamated. After about two songs I noticed that I was getting no work done since the music coming from the next room was absorbing my attention.

I got up from my seat and decided that I would venture to the third floor to escape the noise. When I got to the third floor the sight of students hassling and bustling in the third floor study lounge flabbergasted me. They were running around, talking, sleeping, and ultimately studying. It was like a concentrated knowledge acquisition space. I sat next to a group of students who were noticeable nervous about their mistakes on what I assume was an economics exam. They were stressed and calling their friends on their trendy cell phones to find out answers. One man was even chewing his pencil. College.

To my far right was a group of girls with laptops on lap studying for an Arabic exam. They made it known to everyone that they were studying Arabic by enunciating every Arabic word with their elegant Floridian accents.

To my other right there was a group of men studying what men studying best the high earning field of engineering. It scared me and intrigued me to see people so engaged by their studies that become they became frantic and nervous. I guess this is what happens to help during their midterms.

I noticed that from the top floor of the library, amid the raucous of students mid study, looking out the window at the rest of the expansive campus, I realized  that the Ivory tower of learning is in fact the library.

As I left the library, I was far more aware of the expressions on the faces of the students. I noticed that the computer lab which I previous lamented was too noisy was filled with stressed and frantic students. Punching away at their computers and calculators in hopes that enough force with cause the machine to crumble and spill out the desired information to its torturers.

When I went back to my room I told Sean about what I had seen in the library. With he replied with his paten dry and flat tone ” the Library is like another Realm”.

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