Britain is Top Banana


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I arrived in London without any sleep on the semi-red eye flight. Virgin Atlantic was really great. I commend Mr. Branson(the owner of the airline) for a bumpy ride, lazy taxi time, and superior service.  Once I landed in London I ventured quickly through the border and got my luggage. I accidentally inspired a group of my fellow classmen, who had packed far too much, to take the subway. My thrifty advice ended up making me carry a few more bags than I had brought for myself.

Surprising as it maybe, Britain is not inhabited by Brits. It wasn’t until I arrived at my raz-ma-taz dorm that I even saw a pasty face Briton. The rest of the city is chex mix of races and has the same assortment as I would say New York has.

I am still very tired. I went to bed at 6pm on Monday evening and woke up at 2am. It is now 4pm and I have not slept since two. However, I think I will survive.

When I was eating an amazingly tasteless British meal I was wondering if I should tip the waiter. I looked around and figured that none of sparse surviving brittanys had done so. One of the people at my table got up in arms that I was considering not tipping. “We are not in a third world country of course we have to tip”~ .  Instead of correcting this ignorant statement I just dropped the subject for lack of proof.   Although I was almost certain that the tip I was leaving on the table was unneeded I didn’t hold it against the person. I just decided that because I could not prove that tipping is not the custom I would have to just do so to maintain harmony. I am certain that this person’s assumption that how it is in America is how it is in the entire world will not serve them well and I sort felt sorry for them. I think that we often under value harmony and snub-nosed sympathy.

Verdict:  people don’t tip in U.K. and the USA is one of the only first world countries that does tip.

My finger is waging at you, Stephen Colbert.

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  1. I tried to find out more for you…it seems like tipping is just less in the UK than in the States…our 15-20% tips in the USA are higher than the Brittish standard of about %10…but their waitstaff also seem to get paid more in hourly wages [they make minimum wage]…where as in America waitstaff get below the min. wage at about $2.25/hour!

    So leave a tip, but you don’t need to leave as much, it seems 🙂

  2. update…you don’t have to tip…but it’s nice to leave %10 if you think it was ‘great’ service haha!

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