No Hugs for London

No Hugs for the U.K.

My program directors are constantly urging myself and the other Yankees to make British friends. Amazingly, I hadn’t came to the U.K. with any desire at all to make British friends. The thought didn’t even occur to me until they reminded me of their wishes for me. I forgot the whole study abroad attitude of trying to make international friends. So when I decided to make British friends I decided that I would fall back on my fail-safe friend making method of Free Hugs. However, to my dismay the tight Uks of England banned the practice of Free Hugs.

This came as a surprise because in Japan, the most uptight socially awkward nation in the world the Free Hugs Campaign is going strong. I thought that the Brits and the Japanese would be similar. I guess that the British fears of Swine Flu stomped out my plans for making friends. However, on the Brightside of life I joined the London Japanese meet-up group and on September 8th will visit there and make some British friends, but if not I will make Japanese friends.


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