The Lake District

This weekend I went to Northern England on a school organized field trip. I went on a tour of the area affectionately called the “Lake District”. The Lake District is called this because the slightly mountainous area has thirty-nine lakes. The mountains, which surround the lakes, are some of the oldest mountains in the world and due to this are some of the smallest mountains on the Earth. As mountains age they weather away and become much smaller.

From London to the Lake District was a six-hour bus ride. I brought my inflatable neck pillow, eye cover, and earplugs. I fell asleep on the ride over to the district. I shared a room in a Hostel with the four other guys on my program. We had a good time making jokes and scrambling to do our homework.

During the two days we were there the guides herded us to William Wordsworth’s cottage and a rainy hike around one of the lakes. The Lake District was drenched with rain because the mountains popped the clouds full of rain. I listened to the guide’s cheery pip-pip and embraced the English in me and let rain just do as it pleased without affecting my plans.

The trip’s take away lesson was that beyond the lovely chaos of London England is inhabited by small villages and sheep. I imagine the Sheep are escapees of the remnants of the British textile industry.

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A wild sheep chase

A wild sheep chase

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