The village

I met a young Japanese man, who had lived in Australia. He was talking throughout the day of the places he has visited and lived and the plans he has to settle and flourish in other parts of the world. His attitude was sort of eye opening. What I mean by eye opening is not that he turned me onto a new perspective, but that my eyes were better able to focus for a moment and see things a tad more precisely then I had before. The way he was viewing the world gave me the visual that the world was one solid entity that could be explored and reaped by people. Now what is most surprising is that this is not a revelation, but a part of the basic understanding of the planet that I had overlooked.

In fact, the world is a single entity that can be reaped by the people. The young Japanese man was talking about his job offer to become a manager of a factory in Vietnam.  He just talked about it like it was some borough of London, their was no awe in his voice about exotic Vietnam, he was just matter of fact as if Vietnam was around the corner and inches away. He mentioned in passing the many broken hearted girls he had left across the planet. It just clicked for me that the world is the village of the humans.

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