The Changing Face

In 1948 the British Empire changed the face of its homeland by granting all Royal Subjects the right to United Kingdom Citizenship. This opened the door to England for the Indians and Blacks. In 1948 the first Ship from Jamaica brought black men to England from American colonies. It carried only 500 people. Previous to 1948 the only black people in the United Kingdom had been the ancient descendants of Roman troops. The Empire opened the door to the previously royal subjects to fill in the labor shortage after The War. Since this opening of the door, the U.K. is now 10% non-white. Although the door was closed in 1981. The affect of the open door policy has changed the U.K. However, be it that I was born after 1981 this multi-cultural Britain is the only thing I know. My generation has always known the U.K. to be a diverse place.

To show the sharing and blending of British culture. I have selected a Radiohead cover by an Afro-British band.  Radiohead is a white alternative rock band whose members went to Oxford. They are one of the most recognized bands in Britain and the world. The Afro-tribute pays homage to their countrymen and shows the ways in which they both express their unique “British”  culture.

Easy Star All Stars ( copy and paste link)

Radiohead original

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