British National Party

Recently, I have been observing the British as they politically correctly and simultaneously incorrectly deal with the hard to admit reality that Britain elected two members of the Neo-fascist right wing British National Party into European Parliament. (European parliament elections are separate from British parliamentary elections). So it appears that the British public has to face the fact that the skinhead supporting organization of the BNP is no longer a radical and isolated group, but a now a body that represents a portion of the British people in European Parliament.

How did this right wing group take a foothold in Britain? The answer is that mainstream parties have alienated the working class people by engaging in an unpopular open door policy on immigration. The hard-fisted and angry BNP was able to use emotional pleas to the Britons who were worse affected by immigration to gain their support.

I spoke to a young Briton who was furious about the immigration policy. She was upset that the powers at be had allowed Britain to be rapidly “invaded” by immigrants. Since the 1948, when England was virtually white, people who were once British royal subjects began to flood into the country. The government at the time needed them to rebuild war torn Britain and invited them in to fill the labor shortage.

Now that ¼ of British communities have over a 40% minority population. 1 in every four people in London was born overseas, and 50% of the people born overseas were Indian and Pakistani the face of Britain has changed quickly.  So people are not coping well with the stark change and turning to the BNP to set things “right” again.

The truth of the matter was the British needed the immigrant workers to fill their labor shortage and that the mainstream parties had to ignore the people’s complaints because it saw the immigrants as necessary. So in a way the necessity of young labors out weighted the wishes of the people. In time like this when unsatisfied people question the decisions of their leaders; it’s the economy stupid.

So the unhappy Brits turned to the Ultra nationalist BNP party in the election, and to the mainstream media’s surprise elected a band of racists into office. This is not at all a triumph for the BNP, however it is a symbol of the failure of the mainstream parties to actually appease the people. The BNP is a group of crackpots; they only got elected because the mainstream parties failed to help the people. The mainstream level headed parties need to get back on their A-game and fix their relationship with the public before this spreads any further


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