This entry will be an analysis of three cultures different takes on one topic; prostitution.  I understand that to my audience this may not be the most pleasant topic, but it is a topic that each culture I have encounter has a unique take on.

In America, our opinion of prostitution stems from our Christian morality.  It is shunned because of the obvious fact that prostitution doesn’t value the majesty of womanhood, exploits people, and encourages human trafficking. Be it that I was educated among Americans I semi-support the perspective that prostitution is personally and socially harmful and should be banned.

However, there is a conundrum. Although we have laws against prostitution in America, this does not actually stop the practice. The laws force the practice to go underground and by nature of its back ally hide away surrounds the practice with criminals. The effectiveness of the laws is were Britain, America, and Japan differ.

When I lived in Japan they defended prostitution. In Japan prostitution was frankly legal and open. In the late 1940’s prostitution was outlawed in Japan by the occupying American General McArthur. The Japanese had no say in the banning of prostitution on their island and they subtly reinstituted it after they were handed back their sovereignty.

I think that it would be a little too judgmental to berate the Japanese for being immoral for not outlawing prostitution. The Japanese believed that the option of prostitution absorbs some of the perverse members of society who would otherwise have preyed on children.  The Japanese have since legalized much of prostitution under state monitored services. Those who support prostitution do so under the banner claiming that they are protecting children as well as creating constant revenue for the government. ( I see a good deal of good sense in this assertion)

Here is where the U.K. comes in.  In the U.K. prostitution is legal as long as the woman is completely self-employed and not under the “control” of anyone else. This creates an odd situation for the U.K. Since street crawling is illegal as is advertising on public spaces. The female’s who are legally offering services must do so independently. So here is the odd part, this is the part that stinks of corruption.

In most public phone booths, there are tons of prostitute advertisements. The whole reason this topic even entered my mind was because I have seen hundreds of advertisements a week in the phone booths of London. Given the research I just did on prostitution it would mean that the self-employed women would have to be placing the advertisements for themselves in the phone booths. However, One night while I was walking down the street I saw a pair of Russian men with back packs full of advertisements going from phone booth to phone booth putting up a variety of advertisements.


So here I think I found the ugly part of the system. For this to be working according to law, the self-employed prostitutes must be somehow paying the men to print and paste the advertisements in the phone booths. This means that the advertisements could easily be advertisements for people who were trafficked to the U.K. Easily the advertisement firms could be taking orders from people who are corrupt. The customer could not be certain that he wasn’t falling into a human trafficking trap and certainty that you are contacting a free-agent prostitute is null.

To wrap this all up quickly, The Japanese have an arrogant stance about prostitution saving children, The Americans have an overly puritan stance such doesn’t address reality, and the U.K. has a stance open to corruption. I guess the best system is that of Amsterdam, state maintained brothels.

Regardless of system of prostitution a state employs by nature of the trade corruption will be rampant.

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