First Australia Post: A Love Letter to Sydney

Dear Sydney,

I must confess everything. My name is Deren Temel and I have loved you since the 5th grade.  When I was ten years old sitting in front of my television* you appeared in front of me during the 2000 Sydney Olympic games. You mesmerized me with your beauty and freedom. I know you can’t understand love at first sight, but during the opening ceremony when your entire radiant country was on display, I fell for you.

Since the years have gone by I have explored the globe, but never have I come across a beauty or an adventure like you. Now in the prime of my youth I cannot quiet the whispers in my mind that tempt me to run to you. I have decided that I must come and see you. I must experience first hand the Australian lifestyle, which is world renowned for its diverse social harmony and personal courage.

I have longed for your pristine beaches, your rebellious countrymen, and the wilderness that awaits me. I have imagined in my mind time and time again the tickle of tart vegemite on my tongue as I stroll along your beaches in the summer heat of January. I am enthralled by your Pacific Basin economy and your colonial similarity to the United States. I am fascinated by your indigenous heritage and your close relationship with Southeast Asia. I want to learn how a former English colony has adapted to the Austral-Asian political and social climate.

Sydney you complete me. An international relations focused internship in your urban capitol will complete my international relations education. I would like to work as a part of a team and integrate into a real Australian working environment. I would like to do honest work that is appreciated and which I can be proud to do. I want to learn from my work and coworkers and have my experience as an intern fulfill me more than anything a classroom could offer me.

During an internship at an immigration law firm I developed an earnest interest in immigration and how diversity shapes a nation. Australia is a nation, much like the US and Canada, which is defined by its immigrants. I hope that working at an international relations internship in Sydney will give me the tools to further grasp the concept of immigration and I intend to apply what I learn in Sydney to my future career in law.

A stable relationship is one of mutual sharing and I must tell you what I can offer you. I am have had lovers before you. I have studied in Japan during high school and in London during my sophomore year. From these beautiful eras of my life I have learned what it means to be open-minded. I will be a resource of strength and prospective for my fellow students who might feel challenged by your expectations. My contribution to my peers will be my experience as a student abroad and my cheerful view of life. In Sydney, like in London, I will give my peers council and encouragement when they need it.


I know that when I say, “I love you Sydney” you are scared. Welcome me into your world and I will embrace you in my heart.  The brief semester we will spend together will sow the seeds of international understanding through the Australians who will touch my life and those whom I will leave an impression on. The ultimate motive of a study abroad program is to create in the hearts of the students and the locals, whom they will befriend, a sliver of international understanding. I can tell you with arms wide open that I am good ground to sow the seeds of understanding and I am ready to go beyond my comfort zone and grow in ways I can’t even imagine now.

Faithfully yours,


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