Journal 1: In San Francisco Airport


I’m sitting in the San Francisco airport. The international terminal reminded me of when I went to Japan. Just a moment ago, I sat at my gate and I looked at the doors to the jet-bridge: A4. I could have sworn I was looking at the exact gate that I had walked through on my way to Japan just over three years ago. Looking at those doors I was transported back to that morning in 2007 when I sat in the same spot and met the other students headed to Japan. After this moment of nostalgia I said to myself, “beyond those doors is Japan”.

In a way I feel like going to Australia and when I went to Japan have a strange similarity. When I went to Japan I was living just for myself and I was acting on a firm desire. I think going to Australia has a similarly pure motive. I’m living for myself and pursuing one of my life’s goals. My goal is to see so much of the world that I resign to the fact that I know nothing. Nothing at all.  When I think of my goal to expand my horizons, I hear echoes of the proverb, “ to never look outside your window is to know the entire world”.

Much has changed in my life since I first went through those gates to Japan. I actually chuckled under my breath when I imagined my younger naive self traveling through this same place on the way to Japan. Laughing nostalgically because that boy had no idea what was in store for him and he was so very starry eyed. Don’t get me wrong, the young man I am now has no idea what lays ahead of him Down Under.  He is excited to figure out what awaits him and will share whatever he finds with you through this journal.

A pre-Socratic Sophist Heraclitus said, “you cannot step in the same river twice”. “Deren” is Turkish for river. I guess to apply this wisdom with some creativity. I’m going to change.


– Three hours before take off I dedicate the romantic language of this entry to Andreas Gambardello. A sucker for the sappy.



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