Jounral 4: Internship process 1


So my internship advisor told me that I could not get an internship in Law since Australians only give law internships to actual law students. An internship in Law was my first choice. My advisor was able to dig under my skin and surface the very real fact that I don’t actually know what I want to do after I graduate Uni. (to more precise I don’t know which kind of grad school to go to.)  I told my advisor that in fact this was true. I had set as my New Year’s resolution to figure out what I wanted to do after Uni this Spring semester of 2011. I want to figure this out now, so I can spend senior year preparing for entrance exams for either Business or Law school.

I am not alone when it comes to not know what to do after Uni, but I am beginning to see that some of my peers have a direction. I told my advisor

“ I want to find out what I want to do, I may need to find out what I don’t want to do through work and determine what it is that I do want to do by comparison.”  My advisor looked at me and told me, “ That’s the right thinking “ and then she gave me a handshake.

Everytime I am alone I feel compelled to think about it. It is an uncomfortable thought. However, I know that once I have seriously thought about this and had some more professional intern-work experience in Sydney and in Boston this summer. I will be much better prepared. I am glad that I am thinking about this now and not pushing this off until Senior year.

This internship isn’t a part of my career, it is more of a tool to help me decipher my decision. If I can figure out this semester what it is that I will excel at in the professional world, then no matter where I intern this semester will have been a success.

Also Today I went on a cruise through Sydney Harbor and I thought about what I should do in the future.

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