Journal 2: Bats

Maybe it was because I was jet-lagged that I responded this way, but while walking through Victoria Park just a few blocks down Broadway from the BU dorm I saw something very surprising.

My mother had often told me I was a sweetie pie. I rarely took this to heart. Once however when I cut my hand with a minor slice I tasted my own blood. To my pleasant surprise my blood had a hint of sugary flavor. This small observation rested in the back of my mind for years only to resurface during my first night in Sydney.

I was walking through the large park at dusk and I noticed strange creatures in the sky. I was aghast to see that hovering above me were drones of enormous bats. Their bodies were the size and shape of footballs. Their wing span was well over two feet.

As I picked up my pace to avoid the sky rats, I looked up in the trees and noticed that there were many large bats hanging upside down in the branches. I had never seen such maniacal looking creatures. As the dusk began to fade I noticed that more and more bats were appearing.

They were soaring high in the sky and over the buildings that surrounded the park. They looked as though they were invading the city from on high.

A majestic large white birds with plumed yellow feathers on its head escaped the park in mass amid the commotion that the birds were causing. I was inspired by these tropical birds’ gumption and decide that I was ready to leave the park as well. I feared that at any moment one of the more adventurous bats would sniff out my sweet blood and I would be swarmed by the bats.

As I looked around the park I noticed that no one else took any notice to the winged footballs lurking in the sky. My loud and nervous amusement, imagine me with my jaw hanging open and my head in the clouds staring at the bats, must have appeared quite strange to a Sydneysider who sees these bats everyday and turns over the keys to the city to them every night.

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