Journal 3: Baggage


After 24 hours of consecutive travel I arrived in Sydney. Apparently my bags decided that they didn’t want to accompany me to Sydney. So I waited at the baggage claim before customs with fingers crossed that my luggage would deliver itself to me. After the belt stopped bringing out more baggage I went to the baggage claims office and filed a report. It took about 30 minutes of queuing to speak to an attendant. I was the only person on the flight that had not received a bag. I could imagine the rest of the students in the program waiting anxiously on the other end of customs.

All was not lost, fatefully one of my bags arrived. The bag with my toiletries, underwear, and computer stuff So I had to wait until Friday to receive my next bag. To easy the pain of my lose Qantas gave me a sum of cash to purchase necessary items with.

I hate to pat myself on the back, I think that if this lose had happened to someone else they would have gotten far more nervous about it. I knew that one of best friends was here to lend me anything I might need to borrow and that with or without any change of pants I would be fine. The jeans I wore on the plane were the same jeans I had wore for a week before departing and they are now the only pants I‘ll have until Friday.


But like the Australians says, “ No worries mate, She’ll be right”.

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