Journal 7: Class begins


My first two classes began today. Australian Political System and Australian Culture. Both of my classes focused on an introduction to the geology of Australia. The lectures are both fascinating.

I’m pretty pooped from the day’s classes, but I will post one interesting fact I learned today in class. Indonesian traders made contact with northern Australia hundreds of years before Europeans discovered the land. These Indonesian traders were Muslim and they introduced Islam to Australia centuries ago. Islam never caught on because the Indonesians didn’t evangelize.

Hundreds of years later, the British were unable to penetrate into the outback when they were exploring the continent. The British then brought over Arab Bedouin tribesmen to use camels to explore the outback. Then the British hired the men to build the Australian railroad. Just after completing the railroad they were exiled from the country.

I had no idea Muslims had a hand in Australia’s history.


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