Journal 8: Urine



I couldn’t think of anything to do tonight so I went for a walk with Luke and  two other friends. We came to the entrance of Victoria Park and I darted into the darkness to take a piss. Victoria Park is the same park where I saw the large bats. As I unzipped my fly next to a tree I noticed that a part of the tree was moving, scurrying up the tree. I screamed and without zippering my fly ran back into the street. I had been 6 inches away from peeing on a Possum. Right before my eyes the animal started to climb the tree in front of me. A Possum is one of the world’s rare Marsupial. A possum is not to be confused with its North American relative the opossum. I have included a photo of a possum.


After telling the others we decided to walk closer to get a better look. As I held my mobile phone toward the animal for a flashlight the possum started to walk toward me. Fearing madness I ran away from the fuzzy creature.

We decided that we would venture further into the park. Luke was in the front, just a few paces into the park he stopped in his tracks. Directly in front of his nose was a spider that was larger than my own enormous nose. He screamed and like Scooby and the gang we ran out of the park. We decided that we would reenter the park from the rear and walk to the center of the park where a small bridge separated a small pond. The park had a similar layout to the Boston Botanical garden. When we reached the bridge we lay down on the bridge and looked up. The large fruit bats were flying eight or ten feet above our heads. If they came any closer we got frightened. It was kind of thrilling for us, some local Aussies were just two hundred feet away and from a distance we thought they were laughing at us. Finally before we could leave the park we walked under a low hanging branch and a bat pissed on all of us. Half covered in my own piss from the shock of peeing on a Possum and sprinkled with bat urine I came home and wrote this. Now I’m off to the shower, cause I feel small things crawling on me.

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