Journal 10: Freehills


There is a staff of about five internship advisors. One of them, not the one I was assign to, has a connection with one of the largest law firms in Sydney. He approached me and gave me information on the firm. He told me that he would be meeting with one of the lawyers on January 26th and that he would put in a good word for me if I expressed interest. It’s a long shot, but fingers crossed come March I will be doing menial grunt labor in one of Sydney’s largest law firms.

But why is he meeting his lawyer friend on January 26th? January 26th is Invasion Day…oops Australia Day. This is the Fourth of July for Australians. It is the day that the 800 convicts of the First Fleet landed in Sydney and established the colony. The Aboriginal people mourn this day as Invasion Day and have a large festival called Yaban in my bat-infested Victoria Park.

Australia Day is a strange holiday. It serves as the birthday of the nation, but what actually happened on the first Australia day?

The First Fleet carried 800 convicts to Australia. The men and women were separated for the entire journey. On January 26th when both the men and the women landed on shore a 24 hour orgy ensued. Nine of the surviving thirteen journals of passengers on the First Fleet recorded this phenomena. I can imagine that Australia Day will be a raucous day across Sydney, whether or not there is a massive orgy.

Sydney is the place to be for Australia day. There will be events all over the city. A thong throwing contest on the beach (thong means sandal, otherwise it would be a scandal), The Aboriginal festival of Yaban, and finally fireworks. My friend Michael will come to Sydney from Melbourne for Australia Day. That’s a ten hour drive for him. I am very much looking forward to Australia Day.

Now I am off to read for class and write postcards.

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