Journal 14: Brekky


I haven’t let on much about my actually day to day life here. I wake up in the morning and eat cornflakes. The foods in Australia are identical to the foods in England and the USA. I have also started to eat PB&J sandwiches in the morning. For about four days I had the habit of making the “toad in a hole” sandwiches from V for Vendetta. After eating brekky, Australian for breakfast, I mull around my room for a bit or go and do something in the city. Tuesday and Friday I have class from 10am to 1pm and then 5:30 until 8:30. However Wednesday, and Thursday I don’t have class until 5:30 so my day is very free. I haven’t properly exploited my free time yet, but I certainly will.

After class I cook dinner. Luke and I have a long standing agreement that I will cook and he will clean. I feel like I am getting the better end of the deal because I am learning a good bit about cooking. Also on days when I can’t cook he is left hungry and useless.

Now that the honeymoon phase of being here is almost over for the entire group I am really excited that life itself will begin. I’m very much looking forward to my internship as a good way to meet Aussies. I have been looking through the internet for clubs in the Sydney area to join and make friends. In London I joined the Japanese conversation club and I made friends with both Japanese and Englishmen and they took me out on day trips. I plan on joining the same club in Sydney and see where it takes me. I have little interest in Japan, but I can use it as a way to make friends here.

I don’t see myself having too much in common with the majority of people on the Program. I have never been much of a groups guy, so I am sticking by myself more then I am accustom to in Boston. I actually view my semi-separation as a breath of fresh air. I can focus on my own things. I feel welcomed by almost everyday on the program, but I don’t see myself doing much of anything to make friends. I’m very lucky because one of my best friends is here with me, so I don’t need to make friends with new people to satiate by need to be social. I kind of just fall back on what I already have. In a good way, this will leave me room to make Australian friends…eventually.

I already have an Australian friend. I’m really excited to see him again after three years. I’m going to see him again tomorrow. Seeing him was part of the reason I wanted to come to Australia. My other reason for being here is of course academic.

Today while I was looking at myself while brushing my teeth. I stopped for a second and thought to myself, “why am I here?” I asked myself, “am I acting on a dream?”. I too often compare my time in London and Sydney to Japan, but they are worth comparing. I knew damn well that while I was in Japan I was acting on a specific dream of mine. I never really imagined that I would end up in Australia, but what has driven me here? My dream has expanded and is now to see the whole world. This may sound like I am jumping the gun, but I daydream about when I will stay in Turkey and my mind is starting to tickle about going to South America next winter break. Even now I am planning and daydreaming about the next portion of my inexhaustible dream. I will never see the entire world, but I will have an exciting life pursuing this. Traveling is not my only dream, maybe it is one of many but it plays a hand in my other aspirations.

I want to have a successful career so that in my retirement I can buy a passenger ticket on Semester At Sea and see more of the planet.  Travel is a motivation for me to be financially successful, so I can fuel my expensive habit.

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