Journal 15: Not Off the Ground Yet


So I have been trying to get a life here. I want to join some sort of organization to make connections through. My goal is to make Australian friends of any sort. I don’t have an age preference at all. I looked into Free Hugs, however like in London Free Hugs, is outlawed. Free Hugs actually started here in Sydney and although it is going strong in the rest of the world it isn’t legal here. I’m starting to think that the Free Hugs Campaign was a global fad that has faded out.

Looking for a new activity I called the Australian Quaker Service Committee. I told them I would like to volunteer, but they told me that they weren’t in need of volunteers. I will call them back on Wednesday when the volunteer coordinator is back in the office. I have decided that I will attend the Quaker meeting on Sunday and ask people at the meeting how I can get involved.

I ambled around the city waiting for Michael to call me. Around 4pm I got a call that his travel plans had been delayed until Friday. So I headed home. I walked into a bunch of people asking for donations to UNICEF. Instead of opening my wallet I opened my mouth and told them I wanted to work with them. I got the number of their boss and left a message on her machine. They told me that the only positions they had available were for full time. I told them that I intend on volunteering with UNICEF and will nail the interview, just want to help out, and make friends.

On my final leg home I a older Korean woman asked me for directions. Since I have been on so many walks through the city I gave her directions. She was quite poor at English and since she was walking my direction I told her she could just follow me. We parted so I could go to the post office and the bank. When I exited the bank after half an hour of errands the woman was basically in the same place I had left her. She looked terribly confused. She was looking for a Beauty School. I went into a nearby hotel on her behalf and asked the man at the front desk where the beauty school was.

Nowadays I have accidentally adopted a very Australasian look. Sandals (because I ran out of socks),v-neck t-shirt, and a satchel(because I was going to the post office and needed to carry things). I looked a bit metro. The man at the front desk started to look at me strangely when I asked for a beauty school. Once I picked up on the oddness of the situation I told him, “it not for me, I’m already beautiful enough.”   We both started to chuckle then. Someone over heard our exchange and gave me directions to the beauty school.

So I walked the Woman about five minutes down the road to the school and parted. She wanted to take me to coffee as a way of saying thank you. I told her that I have the metabolism of a baby and that coffee makes me too hyper. Then I walked home and wrote this.


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