Journal 23: 10,000 Miles is Nothing



When I went to London I had only things to gain. There wasn’t anything at BU for me after my freshman year. I hadn’t made any friends beyond Brandon and Joe. I was tired of being stuffed up in the Japanese House alone watching videos of conspiracy theories, doing excellent at CGS work, and hanging pictures of Leonardo De Vinci on my ceiling. So I took the opportunity they gave me. Today I will measure what a great affect the new friendships I had found have had on me.


In London, I made friends with Alex Fish. There Alex Fish convinced me to join LCA. I became great friends with Luke. I made friends with four lovely ladies Becca, Jackie, Thandi, and Sophia. I made five friends in London and LCA, that is an enormous amount of gain.


And this gain bloomed into more gain. LCA gave me thirty solid friends and something that I could devote myself to, through Jackie I met Bonnie, through Brandon I solidified a friendship with David. I was moved into Stuvi II and then pulled Brandon, David, and Joe into a suit. It was a great arrangement with David constantly making pranks and Brandon having spontaneous Scrabble dance parties.
This last semester Fall 2010. Was really great for me, I had a place at BU and I was welcomed in it. I was always with my brothers or friends. This is something I didn’t have before. Now I made the mental decision to go to Australia while I was in London, before I saw how much fruit the seeds of friendship I was planting in London would bear. In Sydney I can look back at all that I have gained and be grateful.


What makes this Australian semester different from London is that for the first time there are people for me to miss in Boston. My fraternity brothers are keeping me up to date on our recruitments and I’m staying in contact with my friends. Even though I am 10,000 miles away from Boston, today I am closer to Boston then I was the entire Freshman year.


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