Whats Up 24: The Weather

I’m going to change my writing style because I realized that I have been focusing my internal thoughts and I should be writing about the stuff that happens here.

So let first start with the Weather. Australia is the oldest continent in the world and because of her age the wind has literally blown all the mountains away. The center of Australia is an enormous dessert called the Outback and it is sparsely inhabited. In the center of the Outback in a humongous rock called Uluru. For some of the Aboriginal people Uluru is the center of the world. The Aboriginal People believe that in a time before time, The Dream time, Gigantic Kangaroo, Bat, Dingo, and Snake Gods roamed the earth. These gods formed the land as they crossed it.

Kangaroo Spirit made this formation

The Weather in Australia is strange. Under Australia is the world’s largest fresh water lake, Lake Eyre. It runs empty after the dry season and then it is replenished by the Wet season. Think of it like the rechargeable battery of Australia. In the Southern Hemisphere there is a cycle of Wet and Dry periods. The periods can last from 5 to 15 years of either Wet or Dry. Two years ago during the dry there was a sandstorm in Sydney and much of the state of Victoria burned.

Lake Eyre (underground)

Density of Sandstorm 2009

Now in the Wet the northern state ,Queensland, is under water. The Wet isn’t over it is continuously raining in the North and the destruction will continue.

Kangaroo looks for high ground

Although this is a bad time for the people in the North, for the flora and fauna of Australia the Wet is a carnival of food and breeding.

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