Entry 25: Kangaroo Cook

Kangaroo’s have been eaten by humans since before the continents separated. Before India smashed into Asia or Madagascar declared its independence from the land mass of Africa.

Originally Kangaroo’s were twelve feet tall and flesh eating. They were part of a strange time in Earth’s history when mammals were enormous. Kangaroo’s were vicious bouncy kings of the outback in this pre-historic time. YES THEY ATE MEAT!

In the Aboriginal creation stories HUGE other worldly kangaroos created the craters in the outback with their enormous feet. Later, Whitefellas would tell the Aboriginals that space rocks actually created those craters. I don’t buy it!


There are actually more kangaroos in Australia then there are people. So for this reason the whitefellas have started to eat kangaroo as well.

So here is a chronicle of this whitefella cooking Kangaroo.

In truly modern London fashion I cooked my Kangaroo with Indian Jalfrezi sauce and ate it with rice. I have managed to create a dish that synthesizes my two adventures into the British Empire. I washed it done with some Molsen Canadian beer while listening to Caribbean music. I was experiencing all the stereotype items of the Commonwealth cultures at once.

If we Americanized this dinner what would we get……???

Kangaroo Pizza

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