Entry 35: Improving Life


On Thursday (24/3) I went to Capoeira. I really had a great time there. I think that if I stayed in Sydney longer I would completely join these people for the long term. The club is very diverse, young, and energetic. Although I make a fool of myself when I perform I really enjoy it. The best moment was near the end of class and the Profesora discovered that Thursday was one of her advanced students birthdays. They had a “Birthday” contest where the birthday girl had to “fight” with everyone in the club. Capoeira is full of music and celebration and I think watching the Profesora spin on her head while singing Happy Birthday was the coolest way I’ve ever seen this bland song performed. On April 2nd there is going to be a monthly Capoeira gathering and I think I might get my own footage of the club members then. (The footage in the video is from a trial class two weeks ago)

I didn't make this one

On Saturday I went to a coffee school for a full days training and certification. I’m now a certified barista in Australia. I went to the school because I really want to get a job at BU’s student café. I think that honing my skills will help me land a job at the epicenter of on-campus student life. With experience as a barista in Philly, training in Sydney, and an indie knitted cap I think I’m a shoe in for the job.  Here are some photos of what I put together.



On Saturday Night I volunteered with “Earth Hour” and I helped Children make didgeridoos. I made my own didg out of toilet paper rolls and it works. Zero children actually went through the long task of making a didg, but I helped kids make drums and shakers out of other materials.

Below is a video of when I visited an animal reserve and a few other small events.



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  1. This is the best post! You’re doing so much. I dunno how I’d feel if you became indie barista man. You should try starbucks instead because apparently it’s the best place to work…

    lol you and animals and I love the video with the Koala! 😀

    p.s. you’re a wordpress wiz now. do you pay for this??

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