JPN1213 #3 Seine ut Zeigt

Be it that this is my first full time job, I guess it is natural for me to long for the freedom and time that was so abundant during college. Although I am not under much stress nor is my job difficult, the work consumes most of my time. I wake up at 10 am, start work at 11am and finish at about 10pm.  I average ten hours of work a day. I come home around ten/thirty and try to balance, eating, cleaning, working on my future, studying Japanese, as well as take-home-work. Since eating and E-mails are a constant, I can’t seem to do all the other things in one night.  One night I’ll clean, one night I’ll study, one night I’ll work out, and 0ne night I’ll work on my future. This has resulted with mediocre performance in all these fields.  I live at night, and since I view my nights as my only time to myself I tend to stay up late trying to cram in all the things I feel I have to do.

This is the first time in my life that my next year isn’t already planned. The constant assurance of school is over. This fresh insecurity motivates to make a clear plan for next year. I have set in my head that from here on out I will live on my own and that if I want a future, I have to build it. This compels me to constantly think about what the next move should be. I have paused to measure my pieces after the opening move of my young adulthood. Chess

TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) I appreciate busy adults more now.

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