Spring turns to Summer

I have been living a very full life in the last months. I neglected my blog because I was too busy living to write about it. I decided to just bullet-point a few great moments from late winter to early summer.

• Hosted my mom in Yonago                       • Traveled a bit

• David visited from NYC                             • Follow-up training / co-workers wedding

• Became a beach person                              • Visited my aunt after seven years

• Made friends with another David            • Climbed Mt. Daisen

• Made friends in Yonago                             • Visited with my Aunt

• Got vaccines to India (now the decision is in my blood)

• Became regularly awed by the beauty of life and nature. Decided I want to live a long life because I want to see what kind of interesting lives my friends will live and be there to hear about it all.

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