The First Flavours of Singapore

Singapore is a humid oasis for all the Gods’ believers. Despite being encircled by a tense region, Singapura has bought itself a Pax Deos. I applaud Singapore for its remarkable achievement in social and religious harmony.

Singapore is wildly diverse; [70% Chinese (Taoist/Buddhist) 20% Malay(Muslim) 8% Tamil (Hindu-Muslim). 2/5th  of the population are immigrants and yet the Singaporeans live in a tranquility their compatriots overseas pray for. Although some neighbourhoods are centred around ethnicity, they didn’t seem segregated. I have seen a street with a Hindu temple, a Mosque, a Buddhist shrine, and a Church all neighbouring each other. There was even a Tibetan Buddhist temple (a religion suppressed by the PRC).  When we discover that all the Gods share the same zip code, we can see a naked truth about these unlikely neighbours.

Religions teach compassion at their core; the tension that lurks in and between believers must be the result of local/regional issues. But Singapore muffled in Straits of Melaka, far from the pundit’s flame-fanning pulpits, administrated considerately (all signs in four languages), and soothed with exemplary social support and general affluence has constructed something that shines brighter and reaches closer to heaven than its skyscrapers. A part of the world where all the vegetables in the salad along.



We have enjoyed being welcomed by our friends Grace, Fabian, and a new character called Ben. Grace and Fabian were travellers we crossed paths with in Taipei. They have taken us around the city, showed us wonderful foods, and entertained my endless curiosity about their island home. They introduced me to EDM [Electronic Dance Music] and a type of club dancing called “spinning”.

Thanks for the glimpse into the lives of young Singaporeans!

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