Langkawi: 99 Islands and One Clear Thought


Langkawi was an amazing time. The tropical island had wild monkeys, geckos, snakes and eagles. There were random bouts of rain and electric storms over the ocean at night. The roads had free roaming oxen and lazy monkeys sauntering across. We rented a motorbike and spent a week riding between beaches, rain-forests  and night markets. The pace of Langkawi was slow and after nightfall there wasn’t much exciting to do. I spent time reading and studying for my big test; India.

One clear thought came to humble me. I am young and free. I have no attachments, my loved ones are well, my health is good, and I am on an adventure that serves a long-term goal. The random roulette of life was kind to me from the get-go. I was born with good cards. I grew up amongst people who knew how to play their cards well. I am grateful that I was flooded with beginners luck and privilege.

Outside of a rich country, I could taste my heavy privilege. Seeing how much I received as an accident of birth, affirmed my resolve to do good things with my privilege else I will spoil. I want to give back in my adulthood to a world, which gave me so much from birth.  I hope this determination will fortify me through the lessons of India.

I can start with donating money, volunteering, and a career that advances a cause greater than myself

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