November 26th: Faster Than Google

Happy Thanksgiving Family! I would have enjoyed eating dinner with ya’ll again. I haven’t seen most of my family members in over a year. This is the longest I have been out of touch-touch with them. Hope they are all getting fat and warm.

Today I got a phone number! Getting a phone number was like revealing the map in Age of Empires. I went from standing in the dark with only my field of vision illuminated to seeing everything. The big change with having a phone will be ordering cabs to go to the city. There are no cabs in Saha. It was like I grew 10 feet. Thanks to our Britsy shared past, India also illogically uses feet and inches. In characteristic duality they use both systems of measure.

After a weekend rather contained, Prof. Google and I set out to grasp the layout of Bengaluru. At first I had trouble finding my house and gym. So many of the buildings that are in the area where so recently constructed that Google Maps was nearly outdated. India is developing faster than Google.

I guess that during the first week and a half my body was absorbing the excess nutrients from my excessive vacation diet. Now that all my extra has been drained I feel malaise and sleepy. Is this the definition of nappy?  My loose motions are also faster than Google.

I am still trying to make a type of unleavened bread called chapati. Last night I foolishly used the instrument called a recorder as a rolling pin for the dough. The dough clogged up the finger holes in the recorder. A characteristically Deren attempt to improv a half-baked solution.  さすが

Tomorrow one of the teachers will become my Hindi tutor. I’m looking forward to learning Hindi. In any future career dealings with India we would speak squeaky-clean English. Knowing Hindi would be an icebreaker, a tool for small talk in India, and I way for me to further appreciate Hindi movies and music. Lets give it a go.

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