November 27th: 2G Mobile Internet

Today I woke up late. My usual habit of sleeping late and waking up late is creeping in. This is definitely a sign of comfort. I didn’t have time to eat anything so I tried to browse the super market half awake. The market doesn’t have any ready to eat foods other than bananas and greens (oranges). This is just a sign of how India is still a home-cooked meal sort of place. I got some fruits and a bag of chapatti (flat bread). I also got a soda and a chocolate bar. The moment I exited the store two little girls came running up to me begging for food. I quickly gave the chocolate bar. The second girl asked for the soda. Those things were gone in an instant. The girls jumped up and down with loud horaas. Then they ran off giggling. The Hindu Gods are so duplicitous that with one action they saved me from my sweet tooth and by the same hand delighted two girls. I was happy they were happy, but then sad that they weren’t in school but roaming the streets for sweets.

School was awesome. There was a food fair in one of the classes. It made up for my meager lunch. The kids didn’t grow up with the high level of nutrients that we did. This makes some of them appear smaller than their rich-world counter parts. Also some students are a bit older than the other members of their class.

Class ended and I had my Hindi tutor. She is a lower-school teacher. She is teaching me some enjoyable Hindi. After school ended I made a radical life altering change. I got Internet on my phone. This is super dangerous, the internet is cutting my productivity in half. I almost didn’t write this today because my head was bouncing around the Internet.

I have been struggling with my kitchen drain. I used Draino for a few days. I had a wonderful time confusing the people at the store with my pantomime of Draino. Draino didn’t solve the clog so I used a plunger. Then I discovered that the pipe had to be removed. The pipe was made of easily be removable PVC. When I removed the pipe I got a whiff of Draino it my dainty big nose. I had to leave the room and walk off the fuzzy feeling in the front of my brain. I then wrapped my face with a shirt and put on sunglasses to protect my eyes. I managed to clean the clog. Then I turned off my mind and cooked dinner. I’m able to make a curry dish and the bread without making a crazy disaster mess. Taste will come with time.

I was invited this weekend to go to town with one of the teachers. I really want to go, because I want to get into the city and start living my life. I’m ready to move out of this suburb and see what all the hype about Bengaluru is about.

Almost to my deficit, I’m always thinking about the next step. I live in the moment, but my mind is on the next step. In Japan, my mind had totally checked-out. I dreamed of India and didn’t really think deeply about Japan. I was consuming books, movies, and music about India. This was why I never wrote about Japan. My imagination was captured by India. Traveling is SE Asia was a special time in my life, because my imagination and my mind were instep. The first night I arrived in India, as I lay my head to rest I was already starting to outline the needful steps for Taiwan. I felt a bit sad that my ambitions and my day-to-day were separate. That aspiration separates me from settling into a place. It keeps me light.

These are the things I want to achieve before I leave India.

~ Visit with Becky Boodles. She and I can share a very unique experience.

~ Get a grip of Carnatic & Bollywood music. The music of India can go anywhere in the world with me.

~ Discover Indian communication practices (career goal)

~ Plan the next step and be ready for it

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