December 5th: After Dinner Games

Today I went with Sasha and her parents to Jainagar to listen as Sasha gathered information on how to fund raise for Parikrma. Sasha works in investment banking as her profession. She has a strong social conscious. She left her big banking job to volunteer. She has turned into a champion for the school. She uses videos and photos of her experience to raise money for the school from her wealthy Canadian community. I began to admire her for that. She is also a just as goofy as I am and loves to play RISK. She inspired me to think a bit more beyond myself.

Jainagar is the newest Parikrma location. It was orderly and has new facilities.  The photos from Jainagar will reveal how different it is from my home school Sahakaranagar. At Jainagar I met an adventurous unmarried German couple who is traveling around the world. They are both professionals in-between jobs and looking for new exposure. They will move in with me on Monday.  The things I knew the school and Bangalore were modest, but I was proud of how much I had learned. I found out that they would be coming to work at my school the following day. I became responsible for making a schedule for them and getting them used to the school.  King of the Castle.

Sasha, myself, and her parents went to a hotel for biriyani. Biriyani is a curried rice dish. Sasha’s father is a Sri-Lankan man who spent the bulk of his career as a banker in Dubai. He advertised teaching and working in Dubai quite well. The four of us returned to Sahakarnagar.

I cooked dinner, bought ice cream, soda and chips. I was going to have friends over for dinner. When my friends arrived my doorman, hungry for a bribe, tried to stop them from coming in. When no one seemed to read his settle probing for a bribe he finally asked for booze money from the Kannada speaker. The doorman’s whole act was wild. When at first the doorman thought a bribe wasn’t coming he pretended to seek out the building owner. He just walked up the staircase out of sight and then returned one minute later. He would have continued his charade until he directly said, “ the liquor stores are closing soon just pay me now”. I thought the whole thing was hilariously Indian, but because I didn’t understand the conversation I thought they were discussing parking. When the money was handed over my friend turned to me and said, “welcome of India”.

I have two doormen. The hairless-Mr. Krishna and the Hairwith. The Mr. Hairwith is a bit cunning and he wanted me to bribe him. I knew from the get-go that my relationship with my doormen would be an important one. Bribes in India don’t have to be justified. They just happen when anyone can pull some imaginary leverage. Cops pull people over and directly ask for bribes without cause. I felt a bit sad for the doorman. Wasting his chilly nights away getting drunk in a parking lot with only a plastic armchair and an old p-coat.

My evening was great. I had friends over. I got to revenge force feed them. Everyone in India politely force-feeds each other. I have enjoyed every bit of my force-feedings. I wanted to return the gesture to my guests. Unfortunately they had already eaten, or so they said. So they got away without eating much. Those tricky *&^*!@s. Like a flock of eighteen hundreds British court ladies we played an after dinner game. Hide-n-Seek! My apartment is so huge that it can handle one or even two rounds of hide-n-seek.  The candles ran out of oil early so I went to bed before midnight.

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