December 9th: Turin and Barbs

Today was my first dinner with my housemates Turin and Barbs. After a sleepy day at work running around preparing audio files. We came back via auto. The apartment was being thoroughly cleaned by the maids. They did a much more through job of cleaning then when I arrived. I had spent the yesterday, Sunday moving my furniture, doing laundry, and screwing in light bulbs. I made a very comfortable room. I retreated my workspace from the living room to my bedroom. From here on out my posts will be written from this room.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well I got along with the couple. They each have a good sense of humor. That is a must for India and for being within earshot of me.  We all three cooked together. It was fun to have three cooks in the apartment. We made a huge meal of curry, eggplant, rice and dosas. The meal tasted very good and seeing the two people outside of work was very relaxing.

There is a strange part of my personality. I greet new things with skepticism, then I instantly like it intensely.  Except for girlfriends, whom I am fond of immediately, some of most important friends were people that I initially was (wrongfully) skeptical of. This is some thing that I do that I really want to stop doing. I’ve gotten much better about it recently, but I need to slap myself sometimes to remember that better isn’t good enough yet. I can do even better.

I really like this odd couple. Its exciting is that my apartment is about to have one more guest. Tonight at 5am a new teacher named Mats will join the Story of India. Mats has a great personality though we only met in Emails. I was looking forward to his arrival since I found out about him. He is going to be an important player until the end of days.

I just felt a warm wave of happiness flow through me. I feel so happy to be in this place. I love my work, I love this city, I love the people, I love the weather, I love the adventure. I haven’t yet been here one month and I am already sad that I have only 98 days left. I know that I am not really attached to India, but to the sense of adventure. I knew before I came, and I know now 100 times over, coming here was the right decision. I’m glad I had the opportunity, capability, and gumption to make the right decision.

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