December 15th: Look Who is Coming to Dinner

Now that Mats has arrived the children living at the Parikrma Home, semi-orphanage, have discovered that it is open game to come over and visit us. The Parikrma Home is only for girls. Boys who are aggrieved or displaced stay at the Home until nighttime and then go to privately run troubled youth hostels to sleep. Those places are not really fitting for daytime activities. One boy, Prabaka, who is almost a man, came into my living room today while I was playing with my phone. I was just zoned out on my phone when the door to my apartment opened. I really should lock my door. I just looked up to see his smiling semi-adult face peering in around the door. Mats had told me that Prabaka has a troubled life. His sister stays in the Parikrma Home. As a boy he has to stay in a different boys home. There is a his family has a domestic history that makes them unable to provide suitable living to children.

Mats had been to the Parikram Home earlier today and found Prabaka hungry and upset that the caretaker of the P. Home wouldn’t feed him, because he was not a resident. Prabaka then left the P. Home in a bad mood. Six hours later his smiling face was shining through my door. I knew right away who he was. I was a bit surprised that I hadn’t been surprised to find a mysterious Indian in my house. I knew that he was hungry so I made him chapatti, chicken, and pickled mango sauce.   Then Mats arrived home and the two played Chess. Then the boy politely took his leave. I am certain that he hasn’t eaten meat in a long time. I guess that it was written that we should provide for him. Mats told me that Prabaka will start coming more often and he will bring other hungry children. Since it was Sunday, the students hadn’t received their free meals all weekend. Mats had fed them the last time he lived here. I’m ready for Prabaka and the other kids to return. I won’t make them wonderful meals because I can’t, but I will share everything I have with them because I can.

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