Goa: Cows on the Beach

Goa: Cows at the Beach

Goa is the smallest state in India. The state was a Portuguese colony until 196 when India invaded in a bloodless repatriation. The area was a haven for hippies, trance music ravers, and now a vacation destination for young beautiful Russians. The vendors speak Russian and English. The menus at the restaurants are also in Russian. Russian women are very beautiful in the classic European sense. Some of the women are rental girlfriends who can be booked for an entire vacation. The areas near the beaches are populated with Europeans walking and riding motorbikes toward the beaches and various bars. I have left India.

The beaches are wonderful. They have all sorts of amenities. Sunbeds, cheap food and drink, boogie boards, and Russian super model types strutting around. There are children begging and women persistently selling fruits and beach clothing. The most amusing part of the beach is the nosy cows that roam the sands looking for unattended food or a sunbather to poop on. Some of the smarter cows sit under unoccupied beach umbrellas. The prices in Goa are triple the normal Indian prices, so now my meals cost 1.50$ rather than the usual 50 cents in my Halli (holly). Halli is the Indian word for village, which I will use from now on to describe the slumburb. I’m really excited about the foods in Goa. In my Halli there is only now dirty place I can eat. So I’m trying to eat a lot here.

The ocean is a vast mirror. Whenever, I stare at it I softly fade into internal thoughts about the direction and stage of my life. The gentle unconscious thoughts pull new ideas out of the water. I was inspired to think bigger than my current plans.  Inspiring ideas are dangerous. They stumble around my mind until I love it or leave it. I have been in the company of one-way ticket travelers. The adventure types who are on a journey. They are inspiring me to take the money and run. Wander around the world while I have the opportunity, health, and freedom I feel on the cusp of a perspective shift. I might have to spend a longer time traveling to work it out of my system. Once its out I’ll welcome the responsibilities that await me in the future. Until then.   

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