Dec 27th: Pooping Pals

I’m sitting on a nine hour mini bus to Tamil Nadu. The bus door doesn’t close so dust is whirling inside the cabin. The bus was a lazy hour late. Standing on the side of the road I watched a strange thing occur. Right infront of a McDonalds in a middle class neighborhood there was a tent home pitched in the sidewalk. A mother emerged from her dusty dry home trailing a small girl behind her. The mother helped the little girl lift her skirt, squat, and poop on the edge of the sidewalk. While the girl was pooping a man in sunglasses on a mobile phone appeared on the scene. He had a much loved and pampered Golden Labrador on a red leash. The dog ambled up to the girl. The dog squatted and began to poop along side the girl. They were both pulsating with constapation. The man on the phone was blaise and the mother wasn’t offended. Only the little girl seemed to notice. She smiled and reached out to hold the dog for support.

I can’t really put my finger on what message this sent.  I’m throwing it open for anyone to interpret.

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