Dec 25th to Jan. 7th: Catch up

I havent been able to write in the last twelve days, because I am been a bit busy. The major thing that I did was visit with Rebecca in both Chennai and Bangalore. In Tamil Nadu Becca and I visited a model organic farm for twenty-four pleasant hours. We ate food cooked over a wood-fire stove, climbed in the surrounding hills, and observed nice in rural India.  The experience was pleasant. It reminded me what a city slicker I am and how ignorant I am about rural life.

When we went back to Chennai, I attended six Carnatic music concerts over the course of two days. While listening to Carnatic music I felt close to God. I did some of my best thinking during that time. I wrote ‘The Crying Father’ and I made important mental and logistic arrangements for moving to Nepal while sitting in the concert hall for twelve hours over two days. It was nice to be outside of my Bangalore life for a bit.

Rebecca and I returned to Bangalore via train. The children and the other volunteers immediately adored Rebecca. To my surprise a young Dutch Guy named Keral joined us. Now we are a triad. We have moved into a new smaller apartment. I no longer live near my auto drivers or the supermarket. I live in a food desert. Closer to school, but a bit more obscurely situated. I love the place though because it is forcing us to bond. We all sleep in the same room.

We also now have a TV, which lets us watch more Indian television. The variety of skin whitening creams advertised on television is peculiar. Especially when all I want is a tan.

I will be visiting the Maharaja Sri Harsh Singh in a week to see Delhi and the Taj Mahal. I’m looking forward to seeing north India and my brother Harsh. Now that I have a simple understanding of India I really look forward to the eye opening conversations I will have with him. Not to feed his already enormous ego anymore.
I’m a bit a sad about being in the last two months of Parikrma. Fortunately 70 remaining days are inspiring me to be more active. I’m preparing my future adventures and doing some of the last things I wanted to do in India. Seeing Harsh and the Taj Mahal.

My computer finally got the Indian viruses that seem to have infected every computer at school and at the Internet cafes. For this reason, I will not be able to update photos or write as often as before. I will write shorter Blog entries via Facebook and WordPress from my phone, but for the time being the larger posts will slow down. Also now that I don’t live alone, my free time is consumed by awesome conversations with Mats and the new guy Keral.

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