Meet the First Graders!

Akshaya is a brilliant girl. She is shy and considerate. She is a bit slower to pick up new concepts, but she has a great attitude. She likes to eat poori. Her favorite colors are Red and Orange. She enjoys English class the most. She says she loves to read, write, and study. She loves all her P.E. Games. She wants to become a teacher so she can make her classmates behave. She attends remedial English to help her come out of her shell and be less shy.

Naziya Naziya enjoys her classes and social life at Parikrma. She makes friends with kids from different classes. She is a social young girl. Naziya is a serious student when it comes to studies. The other students, especially the girls, look up to her.  Her favorite color is red. She likes red because it is her mother’s favorite color. She also like Math and English because the subjects are “sunny”. Her favorite food is tasty bud. She likes rabbits because they are smart and beautiful. Her favorite school activity is drawing. She likes the TV show is Doraemon. When she is older she wants to be “big”. She mentioned she also wants to be a doctor to check people. She says she likes school because she can write, eat, and play with her friends.

sowmiyaSowmiya is highly active with a cheerful disposition. She always showed great enthusiasm during the class activities. She accepts responsibilities and always lends a helping hand in keeping the classroom clean and tidy. She loves the color pink and the Indian mangos. She likes rabbits because they are “so cute”. She wants to be and English teacher in the future so that she can give exams to students. Sowmiya is a sensitive young girl. She is very loving and caring for her classmates. In the rumble and tumble of classroom play she often tries to mediate disputes. She is relatively small for her age and she falls down quite a bit in her play. She always gets back up and starts to play again. She has a strong spirit. Sowmya is an average child. She loves to participate in the classroom activities. She is working very hard to excel in academics. Her favorite subject is dictation. She is working on mastering the “five little monkeys” poem. She has shown improvement in drawing and painting and loves to play games with her friends.

ChandanChandan has the most wonderful laugh you could ever hear. He is a happy young boy who enjoys school very much. He had a minor brain surgery early in life. After coming to Parikrma his following checkups are covered by Parikrma’s health collaboration with a local hospital. Parikrma is able to provide him with an educational psychologist and a small army of caring teachers who are helping him learn at his unique pace. He is progressing well despite his initial setbacks. Chandan never limits himself or shies away from a new learning experience. Like many young boys Chandan loves to play tag with the girls and make up funny dance moves. Chandan’s favorite color is yellow because it reminds him of his favorite food Maggie noodles. His favorite class is his tutoring with the psychologist. He likes to play the P.E. game “Zebra” and the “Airplane” game. He loves the cartoon Chota Bheem.He adores the character Raju the playful monkey. Due to his early exposure to hospitals, he wants to be a doctor because they wear jackets.  

Henminlum is a Manipuri boy who has lots of charisma. The other children admire his personality. He struggles with English because of the phonetic limitations of his native Manipuri Language. He enjoys classes and is a pleasure to have in class.  His favorite food is rice because he likes the energy he gets from it. He thinks the color red is nice. His favorite game is the running race because he loves the speed. His favorite class is Math because he thinks it is easy. He wants to be a pilot when he is older because he wants to make money. He says that food is an important motivation for him to go to school. 


SoundrayaSoundarya is a quiet girl and a serious student. She participates well and seems to think about her responses before she gives them.  Over time she will certainly become more talkative. She lives with her aunt and uncle who are trying hard to support their niece. She enjoys the color red and the taste of noodles. She wants to have a white rabbit for a pet. She enjoys exams because she thinks they are easy. She wants to become a doctor because her life experience has shown her that doctors can help people. Having spoken with her, one can see that she is a gracious child.


Mohammad Saife is an independent, energetic and a cheerful child. He likes to spend time with his friends. He also likes to accept responsibilities and helps the teacher in keeping the classroom clean and tidy. Mohammed is a little boy with a mature face. Mohammed is mature for his age and because of this the other children gravitate to him. Whenever there is a conflict he is brought into mediate a resolution. He is also a rowdy boy who can run and jump during playtime and sit and focus during classes. Saif is an average child. He actively takes part in classroom activities and has excelled academically. Saif is an athlete and loves drawing. He wants to be a police officer in the future because he, “likes the police”.

All of these kids are poor. They don’t have running water in their homes. They all live on an average of 50$ a month for the entire families. They live in makeshift homes in slum areas. They are almost all victims of some degree of domestic abuse. If they didn’t go to school some of them wouldn’t eat. They hate the weekends because there is no school and no food.  They are all smiles all the time.

These are just a hand full of the kids that are in first grade, if you want to hear about the rest come to Parikrma! They would be happy to tell you.

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