Meet Akshaya


Akshaya is the reason the sun shrines. She loves to remind me that I am the reincarnate of a donkey. That I am fat because I love Pepsi. She totally loves school and school totally loves her.
She has lots of struggles with reading, but she makes up for it with her patience. She even has patience with herself. She loves to giggle and make secrets with her best friend Vanita. Akshaya is a wonderful student and I totally enjoy every moment with this little lady. 

Akshaya’s family makes 50$ a month for a family of four. Her roof is just a piece of asbestos board. She doesn’t have running water or a toilet at home. Both her parents work and she is left unattended for long hours during the weekends. The entire family house is a single room that is 12 by 12 ft. They live in a slum with few amenities. There may not even be a proper toilets in the area. Times are changing, but eventually social pressures will make it hard for her to continue her education. Of course, Parikrma will keep her in school, even if her parents ask her to work. Akshaya also had mumps, a disease that is nearly extinct due to vaccines, vaccines that slum dwellers cannot afford.

The reason I’m telling you is that Akshaya is the reason the sun shines, and without places like Parikrma watching over her the sun wouldn’t shine anymore.

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