Meet Megashree


This is Parikrma’s star pupil. Megashree, who lives in a girls relief home, is one of the school’s most driven students. Megashree left her home optionally because her family was hindering her education. That is an enormous step to take for a poor girl from a conservative family.  However, just because she is poor doesn’t mean that she must think poorly.

Megashree also won a scholarship to attend the global youth leadership council in California this summer. This will be her first trip overseas. The spirit of the entire school rests on her shoulders.  Especially after lasts years winner’s visa was rejected because a slum is not a ‘legal’ address.

Megashree is a sensitive and careful girl. She has lots of empathy for the suffering of her classmates. Sometimes we find her quite upset from the misfortunes of her friends. Also Megashree is strong. She once told me that she was ‘dissapointed’ in me for not attending a meeting I had agreed to attend. I was impressed with her gumption to set me straight.

Megashree studies everynight until eight, then she eats and sleeps. She studied for half a year from the wrong books. The fault of the aloof teacher. Than in one week she tried to correct and unlearned the misinformation. She still got high marks on her exams.

She dreams big, and one day she’ll show you

Megashree dreams big and that makes her big. 

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