Meet Momo


Momo is the combined nickname for my beloved twins Monika and Monisha. Momo is also the Hinglish word for dumpings. They were my hardcore favorites. I channeled all my adorement onto these two little whole wheat muffins.

These two kindergarteners are magic. If you give them identical coloring assignments in seperate rooms, they will color the picture almost identically. They also like to finish each others thoughts. They also share a best friend.

Monisha is the talking head. She is social and when I talk to the pair Monisha will smile and respond. Monika, who I’ve learned to recognize only by her shyness, will not talk to me much and she avoids me. Just like all the good ones. Monika is also more attached to her mom. I’ve met their wonderful mother, who is a wonderful mother.

When Monisha was absent for a week with fever, Monika would trail off walking around the play area. With her mind completely in the clouds. She would skip, dance, and maybe talk to herself a bit as she ambled. It was very obvious that she really missed and needed Monisha to ground her.

I realized how interdependent they were on each other. How their constant togetherness made them develop interdependent social skills. As if their individual skills were not as vital as their combined abilities.

When I said goodbye to them, I decided that if they ever need my help I’d be there. I’ll think of them when I run donation campaigns or (short) marathons for Parikrma.

I’m tied to Parikrma for life, and these girls tightened the knot.

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