Graduation: A Mother’s Sacrifice  お母さんの犠牲




Today was the graduation ceremony for the students moving to Japan. They were all excited for their next life-step. All of them are moving to Japan to earn money to send home to their families. Even though they will be students in Japan, their main focus will be the constant grind of the service industry. They are thrilled for the opportunity to make, “big money” working in the back of restaurants, stocking supermarkets, and other invisible jobs. Their student life will only be the bare minimum to keep their visa satisfied. They may live in crowded apartments, eat simple foods, and be largely ignored, but to their dependent loved ones they are the family superstars.


This single mother is moving to Japan to do waged labor in order to support her daughter. The little girl will stay at home with Grandma, while her mom sacrifices the early years together to give her a decent life. During the time that her mother lives in Japan, which could be indefinite, she will not be able to afford to visit her daughter. She is making one of the hardest decisions love can inspire, and she does the word Mother proud by it.


Today she danced

her baby along with us. I guess they are right, that in joy and sorrow music is what we turn to when tears aren’t enough.



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