Infographic from Project Implementation Data

After having constructed the database, I had to extract a “learning” from the data. The learning that I did extract was a loose sense of the region’s need for more information sharing about the diversity of assessment procedures, assessment criteria, and student’s rights throughout Asia-Pacific. With this in mind, I was assigned to design and construct a summary dashboard of this “learning” to convey to the Member States. 

What I eventually did construct was far beyond a summary dashboard. It was an independent infographic that compels Member States to consider the advantages of ratifying the 2011 Tokyo Convention. This was well beyond my assignment. Fortunately, on the survey results that my manager and I conducted to gather information for the database, Member States asked for a document just like my infographic. This request saved my project from the “nice, but unnecessary” pile of half-baked projects.

The infographic took many, many, many iterations of feedback with my manager before it took its current and near final shape. It is still yet to be approved by the Chief of Section. Thank you, Danya and Trinh for your meticulous feedback on the graphic’s design, story, and appearance. Much like the database, I spent untold work hours (many of them at home and over the weekend) tinkering with the design and the content. 

The infographic is a compliment to the database, and I conceptualized it as I was simultaneously fiddling tediously with the database. What makes the infographic a valuable deliverable is that it makes a rather complex topic, the benefits and status of the 2011 Tokyo Convention, into a simple informative illustration. It turns out, as I scan through the Internet’s endless job boards that employers in development field are looking for people of experience and know-how in creative communications. Creative communications are important for NGOs to summarize, digest, and share their results with a World that needs clickable, attention seeking materials to hold anyone’s attention for more than a moment. 

I learned a good bit about making infographics from my policy brief poster. This creation honed know-how in graphic design and shaped a potentially useful skill that I can offer to future employers and to my own ventures in the future. 



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This is intentionally blurring because it is not yet public.


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