Walks in Saigon

Time lapses with Trinh

On May 11th, 2021 I fashioned an improvised hat mount for our GoPro. Trinh, in her endless sympathy, realized that I looked like an enormous buffoon wearing a GoPro on my head. so during our +1 hour stroll through Saigon, she wore the camera on her head. This time-lapse sort of sporadically takes us to and from the park. It begins and ends one block away from our home. We pass the cities monuments and both my former and current office. I love Trinh dearly for always being down for these little walks through the city. I hope that this video helps you imagine yourself here and realize that Saigon is a fascinating place to walk.

Walking to Work in Saigon

In June 2020, I made an in-depth walking tour of my daily walk to work. In this video, I discuss the landmarks and architectural relics that I walk passed each morning on the way to work. My morning walks are an enlivening aspect of life in downtown Saigon.

Exploring the Fall of Saigon

In September 2020, my co-worker and I visited a building made infamous during the Fall of Saigon

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