My writing positions universities & non-profits to;

  • Establish thought leadership through chapters & articles
  • Highlight their impact through success stories & press releases
  • Engage stakeholders through insightful social media posts
  • Craft human stories that bridge across cultures

White Papers Affirm Leadership

Book Chapter

I co-authored UNESCO Bangkok’s contribution to a University of Science Malaysia, academic book on Mobilising Students Throughout Asia-Pacific. Crafted narrative, research, sources, copy edits, and peer revisions.

Articles start conversations

Authored five articles for University World News on student mobility trends in Asia-Pacific, positioning intergovernmental organization as a thought leader on regional student mobility. Click here to see all PDFs

Stories show human impact

Authored +20 project success stories and press releases for a USAID-funded project. Landing on stories on ASU and USAID’s global websites.
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Engage with insightful social media

Lead bi-lingual team through two years 2-posts/week bi-lingual Facebook campaign reaching +1000 stakeholders in academia, industry, and government. Following USAID branding guidelines and coordinating strategy with US public institutions for messaging, photo, and video content.

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Connect through human stories

With 14 years of travel storytelling in America, Vietnam, Japan, India, Nepal, and Turkey, I’ve crafted over +350 travel stories. This lived understanding of the human experience guides my storytelling to connect with global audiences.